Last Saturday, May 29, our friends Gemeinsam gegen die Tierindustrie organized a demonstration in Bad Bramstedt near Hamburg. Groups and initiatives from Germany and also Shut down VION! joined and marched with about 150 people through the town to the slaughterhouse, where about 3200 cattle are slaughtered every week.

The demonstration was accompanied by many speeches on the climate impact of animal production, repression against activists, working conditions and animal exploitation in the meat industry. Shut down VION! also participated in the beginning of the demonstration with a speech. The demand was very clear: Vion must close down!

The company is responsible for the death of 15 million pigs and almost one million cows every year. The working conditions and especially the treatment of migrant employees are miserable. Also the environment suffers extremely under the giant company and it is time that VION takes responsibility but instead the company expressed itself only in writing to the accusations of the ggdT to the NDR.

This does not surprise us, but shows once again that the company does not care about anything as long as it makes profit.

The article from ggdT can be read here and the TV report from NDR here.