Talk with the Barricade

29th of December, 20:00 - 21:00

Shut Down VION! (Sluit VION!) is a coalition with a long term mission to shut down the largest meat company in the Netherlands: Vion. We try to combine an anticapitalist and intersectional approach with a corporate pressure campaign (because it is large corporations like this that are mainly responsible for and benefiting from the exploitation of animals, workers, environment). We work with migrant workers and local residents who are directly impacted. We try to expose all evils of Vion and denormalize the existence of companies like this, specifically by targeting also Vion's supporters and its greenwashing projects.

This talk is organised together with the Barricade, a volunteer-run collective inspired by raccoons and anarchism. Check the Barricade's telegram channel to stay updated on our events.

You can watch the recording of the talk here:

Picture: "Ruine IX" made by Hartmut Kiewert