Rainforest Alliance provides certification for fair and sustainable products from rainforest regions. Important criteria are the protection of ecosystems, forests and wildlife, and the welfare of workers. Their seal, a frog, can be found on bananas, tropical fruits, chocolate, coffee and tea.

We were therefore very surprised when we were browsing through Vion's annual reports and saw that the vice president of the Rainforest Alliance, Ton van der Laan, is also in the supervisory board of Vion!

We at Shut Down VION! find this shocking. An organisation that values the environment and human rights so highly should not be connected to a meat giant that destructs the environment and exploits workers. We asked Rainforest Alliance about this and received the following answer: "We are looking into the matter and will respond to you in due time." This was August 21st, two months ago...

It's about time we get a real answer from Rainforest Alliance: are they going to break the ties with this horrible company?

Mail RA or tweet them as well!

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