​After months of waiting, Alex has finally received his salary: 58.13 euros! This is what was left after deduction of all kinds of costs, for one and a half day working for the slaughterhouse. Vion only took action after several emails and phone calls.

The Romanian migrant worker was unlawfully fired by the the slaughterhouse in Boxtel in July, something Vion has denied up to today.

Vion also said we should have called the employment agency that contracted Alex,  instead of them. But the employment agency - Mahevia - never responded to Alex's calls. Moreover, whatever the arrangements are, Vion is responsible and they should simply ensure that their staff are paid.

We at Shut Down VION! think it's ridiculous that someone has to go to such lengths to be heard at all. After everything that happened to him (wrongful dismissal, loss of income and housing, and injuries), Alex is entitled to compensation and all he got with a lot of effort and help was 58 euros (and 13 cents). This is not something to thank Vion for.

To all people who experience similar problems with Vion, remember: complaining helps! We help you where we can and continue to work for everyone who has been or will be mistreated by this company!