On Friday, May 21, Shut Down VION! and the labor working group of the Vrije Bond, joined by a group of people who had responded to their call, handed out flyers in front of Vion's slaughterhouse in Boxtel to the workers. Despite the fact that Vion had called in the local enforcement (handhaving) it turned out to be a great success. Vion had also asked some workers to play for guard at the gate, who were happy to receive a flyer as well.

Most of the workers came to work via shuttle, crammed into a small van, often with as many as ten people tightly together. Apparently, this is not against the corona regulations as they shares a "household. Whereas in fact, migrant workers increasingly risk COVID-19 because of the persistent poor working conditions and housing, with hardly any possibility of distancing and other health measures.

Fortunately, almost all of the flyers that had been printed out were issued to the migrant workers. Almost all the people we spoke to wanted to have a flyer. We also noticed that a large part of the workers comes from Romania, as these flyers were finished the fastest.

We have been able to inform the workers about their rights, but now we have to continue to show that we are behind them and make sure they can unite together. We will do this by putting sustained pressure on Vion.

Therefore, we want to hand out flyers in front of the different slaughterhouses of Vion on a regular basis, every 2 to 3 months. In addition, we noticed that through the signs we made many people approached us for a flyer, so we will create better banners in more languages for next time.

Many of them know that they are in positions nothing more than modern slavery, only they are not in the position to do something about this on their own. We must support and help them to unite and expose the problems. Doing so, the slaughterhouse, which can only exist through the exploitation of workers, animals and the environment, will end existing.