"Ah that's about that stink factory! " This is how one man explained to his little son what the Shut Down VION! door-to-door paper, which we gave them, was about.

We got similar responses from residents. Some agreed with us completely and hope that Vion disappears the sooner the better. For years they have been complaining about the smell and the many trucks in the village. Two of these people were also interviewed for our paper. A number of people had come especially to our manifestation to make sure they could get a newspaper! There were also many people who agreed with us but did not expect Vion to ever close, or thought we should focus on something else (the consumer, the minister, the farmers...). This shows how much work we still have to do to motivate people to take action themselves and to focus on the big companies that profit the most from exploitation! As expected, there were also people who said they couldn't live without a "pork chop". A couple of beer drinking guys tried to disrupt our speech by shouting something incomprehensible in support of Vion from a nearby terrace. It made little impression on us.

The town mayor and the CEO of Vion had been invited to receive a newspaper but did not show up. The mayor excused himself and we put a paper in the mailbox at the town hall and dropped one off at Vion.

In the afternoon Your Local Pirates played at our manifestation, where especially the song: "we must demolish the slaughterhouses" received a lot of support from the attendees. Jeroen Siebelink gave a strong speech, based on his column in the newspaper, and we also spoke about who we are and why Vion must close down.
We delivered almost four thousand newspapers with about twenty volunteers throughout Boxtel and also in the nearby village Lennisheuvel.

You can download the newspaper here.

You can download the poster here.

the poster