Last week, we were all shocked by a video which showed a Romanian migrant worker being beaten up by the manager from an employment agency, Reyhan. We assume that the Romanian was working for Vion.

Two weeks earlier, we received a video from another Romanian migrant worker. This person works at Vion via the employment agency Flexwork or Flexor. He is kicked out from his accommodation and asks for his salary. The manager from the employment agency tells him if he wants his money he "should have kept working properly". At the end of the heated discussion, the manager becomes aggressive and pushes the worker away.

The worker told us there are many problems with this company; they pay less than what is legally allowed and pay out too late.

This summer we were protesting with Alex who was illegally fired. Alex got screwed by the agency Mahevia.  

It is clear that the exploitation, in which employment agencies play a crucial role, is systematic. We see various forms of mistreatment and intimidation. This is only the tip of the iceberg.

When does Vion take responsibility?