Ton van der Laan has left! Who is Ton van der Laan and what was the problem?

Ton van der Laan was until recently one of the members of the supervisory board of Vion. In addition, he was vice president of the Rainforest Alliance, a well-known label for fair and sustainably produced products from rainforests. Obviously, we thought this was absurd and therefore ran a campaign to have the Rainforest Alliance break its ties with Vion. Read our earlier blogs here and here.  

And now, this questionable executive has left Vion. Troubled by his conscience? Sent away for being too critical? Vion's 2020 annual report still mentioned a possible extension of his term, but apparently Vion and/or he decided against it. Did Shut Down VION's campaign trigger him…?

Anyway, we congratulate Rainforest Alliance and thank everyone who helped us in our campaign!