Last night, Sunday, September 12, around 80 activists from the French anti-speciesist and anarchist collective 269 Libération Animale, occupied a Van Drie slaughterhouse. They locked themselves up as a resistance to the meat industry. This morning everyone was arrested. See video here.

Shut Down VION! is in solidarity with 269 Libération Animale and their action. Van Drie's spokesman calls the activists "criminal" but the only real criminal in this story is Van Drie, the largest calf killer in the world.

Van Drie slaughters nearly one and a half million calves a year. They import 800 thousand calves to the Netherlands, all "by-products" of the dairy industry. The vast majority of the meat is then exported.

The Van Drie family benefits well from this: they had 1.2 billion euros in 2019 and are in the Quote family top 50. And everyone else just suffers from this company: the calves, first of all; the environment; and the migrant workers who are also exploited by this company. Even farmers from Netwerk Grondig complain about Van Drie, because of its monopoly position and large-scale import.

Van Drie, a corporate no-one wants!


Sluit VION! is mentioned by ANP and several media outlets as the group organising the protest last night at Van Drie slaughterhouse in Apeldoorn. That is factually untrue and we demand rectification. We would have been proud to be responsible for an action like this, but alas, that eternal honour does not go to Sluit Vion, however we might have wished so. We stand in full solidarity with all the activists and demand the immediate cessation of all and every juridical procedures against them.

Shut Down VION! and Shut Down Van Drie!