Vion is the largest meat company of the Netherlands with a large share in the German market. In 2019, the company had a turnover of more than 5 billion euros. The CEO received 1.3 million euros (of which 500,000 bonus) in 2019. Advisory Board members, who met 13 times in 2019, receive fees of up to 75,000. This includes people who also hold board positions at so-called sustainable organizations such as Rainforest Alliance and AgriProFocus. Vion's profits are only moderate, 27 million in 2019 (0.5% of turnover).

Support from animal farmers
Vion has an intimate relationship with animal farmers: it is owned by the NCB - the investment fund of the ZLTO (Southern Agriculture and Horticulture Organisation). The 15,000 members of ZLTO - farmers - are the shareholders of Vion.

Vion financed the protest farmers from Agractie. The FDF threatened to disrupt the action of Shut Down VION! in June 2020 and intimidated activists by distributing photos and names in a Facebook group. In 2011, however, Vion Boxtel itself was blocked by pig farmers to protest against low prices for pigs.

Boxtel export slaughterhouse
The largest slaughterhouse of Vion is located in Boxtel, together with the head office. Vion has 28 other branches spread over the Netherlands and Germany.

All locations of Vion (source Vion website)

The current Vion was founded in 2003, but an export slaughterhouse has been located in Boxtel since 1916. Even today, the majority of meat and meat products are still exported. In fact, the company plays a marginal role in the domestic food supply and instead mainly creates environmental problems and suffering.

Especially in Germany, Vion is known for its brands: SALOMON FoodWorld and FVZ Convenience.

Despite the obvious exploitation caused by this company, they still try to come accross as a sustainable and social business. For example, Vion tries to make a good impression with her subsidiary De Groene Weg (organic butchery) and sponsored Dutch cyclist Tom Dumoulin until Shut Down VION! intervened.